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Brave Cat of the Month - Beleza

Beleza is a beautiful 7-year-old European Shorthair. She once was a stray cat who roamed the streets of Italy until she was rescued by her lovely owner. She came in ...

Dr Jeremy is a guest speaker at London's debut CatFest

"Cats deserve celebration. Now they have an entire festival dedicated to them" says Paris Match and "it's promising to be quite a show" says the Evening Standard

We welcome Dr Luisa Coelho to our clinic

Dr Luisa has passed her ANZCVS exams, joining fellow ANZCVS-qualified vets Dr Jeremy and Dr Pan

The London Cat Clinic has a new friendly face at our front-of-house

Edwin Lavilla joins Tara and Jamie as the newest member of our fabulous front-of house team and is ready to welcome you and your feline-friends to the practice

Brave Cat of The Month - Merlin

Merin is a lovely 3-year-old Birman. He came in to see Dr Jeremy as his owners were concerned with his behavior, he was grumpy and not interested in his food. ...

Brave Cat of the Month - Willow

Willow was booked in for a consultation as her owners were a little concerned as she has been having on-going nasal discharge, sneezing and loud respiratory sounds for about 10 ...

Brave Cat of the Month - Gus

Gus’s owners had noted he was being very quiet, his head was hanging to the side and seemed out of sorts. When Gus was first taken out of his carrier ...

Brave Cat of the Month - Scarlett

Scarlett is a 9-month-old rescue kitten who suffered severe ocular disease due to very bad cat flu as a neonatal kitten which had effected the function and structure of both ...

Brave Cat of the Month - Googoo

Googoo is a gorgeous, affectionate 8 year old boy who came to us as he had been suffering from constipation on and off for a while, had a history of ...

The London Cat Clinic seeks patients for kidney disease clinical study

If your cat has kidney disease, if you are worried about this illness or if you cat is drinking more than normal, The London Cat Clinic is offering complimentary and ...

Brave Cat of the Month - Walnut

Walnut is a beautiful Sphynx cat, who came into see us as because the owners really wanted her neutered but were concerned because she had underlying airway disease (asthma) and ...

Dr Jeremy joins CatDogFish Expert Panel

Dr Jeremy has joined the panel of experts on CatDogFish, an exciting on-line platform aimed at creating better 'pet parents' through veterinary-curated content and advice

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