Consultations at The London Cat Clinic

Our standard consultations at The London Cat Clinic are 25 minutes, roughly double what most veterinary practices offer.

For new clients, we offer a first consultation of 30 minutes at no additional cost. We know that this extended consultation time, which is up to 3 times longer than normal vet practices, will give us a fantastic opportunity to get to know you and your cat. Importantly, it also allows you time to really get to know us so we can all work together for your cat's nine lives and counting. This excludes second opinions and referrals. 

We are happy to see your feline friend for second opinions and referrals for which we offer extended consultations. Please contact the Clinic for further information and to discuss the background to what's worrying you.

Our friendly Registered Nurses also provide their own consultations to help you in many ways, from providing advice to assisting in follow-on treatment and procedures relating to a condition diagnosed by your Veterinarian. Read more about Nurse Consulations here.

More time means more care and attention to detail. Our consultations allow ample time to ensure your cat is comfortable, to discuss their needs without feeling rushed and for a thorough examination.  

If you’re unsure whether or not your cat needs to see a vet, feel free to contact us to discuss or use our Symptom Checker.  Bear in mind that when it comes to hiding illness cats are the ultimate camouflage artists!  Behaviours to look out for include:

  • Seeking out cooler spots to sleep

  • Seeking out unusual (high or low) perches

  • Decreased or increased interaction with you or other cats

  • Increased chest movements when asleep

  • Drinking more than half a litre of water a day

  • Jumping in, out and around the litter tray without producing anything other than dust

When you come to see us and we are settled in the consultation room, we start by opening the cat carrier door and letting your cat find their own way out into the room. This gives them a sense of control and decreases their stress levels. We’ve even built perches and our very-own ‘cat-cubbies’ that your cat can try out for size!

Once your cat is settled, we run over it’s history with you, before moving onto the specific issue that you’re concerned about. We then carry out a full clinical examination.  

If your cat is on the shy side then don’t worry, we’ll move at their own pace.  One tip is to get a Catit carrier which means we can examine them by just gently removing the top of the box.

How we examine your cat

Our examination starts at your cat’s nose and we work our way back. We measure their weight, examine the ears, eyes, teeth, skin and claws. We then examine their heart and lungs, finally assessing the abdomen with gentle palpation. This examination allows us to determine what the possible issues are and what treatment or further investigations may be required.

Any treatment we prescribe will be dispensed to you directly by the vet or nurse along with full instructions on dosage, techniques and potential side-effects. We may book a follow-up appointment if it's required but if your cat needs immediate care for a procedure or intervention, they will be admitted directly into the clinic.

If you have concerns about transporting your cat, please call us beforehand or click here for helpful tips.


To book an appointment, please call The London Cat Clinic on 0203 740 1112 or book online here