Caring for your senior cat

We believe that cats deserve “birth to retirement” healthcare - and that means we need to be on the ball to help them out as they start to get older.

Brave Cat of the Month - Tan-Tan

Tan-Tan is a beautiful domestic shorthair who was living on the streets of San Francisco. She was rescued and her owners brought her over to the UK. She settled in ...

Preventative dental care in cats

Dental disease is very common in cats - in fact, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 70% of cats will show some signs of gum disease by the time ...

Cat Friendly Vet Receptionists

Cat Friendly Vet Receptionist

Vote for London's finest feline face at the Bermondsey Street Festival

With a record number of entries, there will be tough cat-competition to appear in our 2020 Calendar of Stars. Join us at the Bermondsey Street Festival on 14th September to ...

Flea-Free Felines

We all want our cats to live comfortable and happy lives - and to a great extent, we succeed. However, there is a constant source of irritation that our feline ...

Do cats get heatstroke too?

Any animal is capable of developing heatstroke. Many people believe that due to cat’s ancestors living in tropical climates, cats will be completely safe in warm weather but this is ...

Is your cat safe from worms?

We all want the best for our cats, don’t we? To keep them safe, comfortable and happy; and to protect them from disease or illness. Sadly, we have to accept ...

Brave Cat of the Month - Ava

Ava is a beautiful and affectionate 1 year old, she was rescued off the streets of Turkey when she was 6 months old. She travelled to London via Barcelona with ...

The London Cat Clinic celebrates its 2nd Birthday

The team at The London Cat Clinic were full of fizz and frivolity as they marked two years of being here for nine lives and counting

What is my cat saying to me?

Our fabulous feline’s use a variety of interesting ways to communicate with their human caregivers including a combination of body language, facial expressions and vocalisation. Having a stronger understanding of ...

Brave Cat of the Month - Harley

Harley is a gorgeous 7-year-old domestic shorthair who over the years has had ongoing digestive problems including bloating, gurgling intestines and chronic intermittent diarrhoea

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