Lifesaver Cats Blood Donor Program

Could your cat be a lifesaver?

Can your cat help?

The London Cat Clinic is working with the Animal Blood Bank based Portugal in creating a feline specifc blood donation centre in the UK.

You may be aware that in certain situations, cats can require blood transfusions, just like humans! These treatments can be lifesaving and help cats recover and go on to have a normal healthy life.

We have found it challenging for many years to find suitable cats to be donors in critical situations, sometimes meaning we cannot give the treatments cats need. Thankfully, there have been recent changes in legislation that will now allow feline blood to be stored, so we have it ready for those emergency cases that will really benefit. To achieve this, we need some cat blood donors!

Cats have three blood types A, B and AB and we require exactly the right type of blood to transfuse our patients as using the wrong type can result in severe allergic reactions and even death. Having a choice of donors is incredibly important.

In order to be a potential blood donor we need your cat to fit the following criteria:

  • Has no health problems and isn't on any medication (apart from flea/wormers)
  • Weighs 5kg or more.
  • Is a skeletally mature adult (fully grown) and no more than 9 years old
  • Is vaccinated and wormed.
  • Has not had a transfusion before

We need you!

We always have the welfare of each donor as the highest priority and as such, each donor receives the following, free of charge in addition to our gold standard feline friendly standards of care

  • Lots and lots of cuddles and love
  • Full veterinary examination
  • Yearly blood tests (checking kidneys, liver, general health)
  • Infectious disease screening (feline viruses and other pathogens)
  • Blood typing
  • Blood pressure check
  • Yearly heart scan at the time of donation to rule out a thickened heart muscle (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy)

What happens in a blood donation?

Animal Blood Bank have a great website with lots of information and have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions for you.

Can you help us?

If your cat fits the criteria and you would like to put them forward as a hero cat to help save the lives of those in need please call the clinic on 02037401112 or email on with ‘Blood Donor’ in the subject bar.


                                                         The Blood Donor of today may be the recipient of tomorrow