Veterinary Nurses

Did you know that our Registered Nurses provide their own consultations? At The London Cat Clinic our friendly nurses can help you in many ways, from providing advice to assisting in follow-on treatment and procedures relating to a condition diagnosed by your Veterinarian.

Here is a list of our most popular consultations:

Kitten's First Examination

If you are planning on getting a kitten or have recently brought one into your home, visiting the clinic for the first time can be a little daunting. Our kitten checks have been designed to give you the chance to come and speak with us about all of the important things that happen during their first year and to give you and your kitten a stress-free trip to the vet. We will give your kitten a nose-to-tail exam and discuss important topics such as vaccinations, diet, parasite control, neutering and insurance to name a few. There can be a lot of questions in your mind during this time and our nurses have a lot of advice they would love to share with you. For extra tips before visiting the nurses, we have a page on our website dedicated to new arrivals here. This is a complimentary visit for kittens under 6 months and aimed at helping you get started on the right path for your kitten.

Dental Health

If you have been noticing a bit of smelly breath when your cat comes to greet you or they seem to be less interested in their food, it is probably time for them to have their teeth looked at. Dental disease affects most cats at some point in their life and is quite commonly found in younger cats. A dental check involves a methodical examination of the mouth and oral cavity in a calm and cat-friendly way. This complimentary check gives us the opportunity to see what kinds of dental disease are likely to be present and to explain what it is that happens during our Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment. Keep in mind that not all cats develop smelly breath and a dental check is a really great way to monitor the progress of your cat’s dental health.

We value our nurses and their knowledge and feel they have an important role to play in your cat’s life. We are pleased to be able to offer the following consultations for you:

Weight Management and Nutritional Assessment (£30 for initial consultation and £25 for each follow-up visit)

We all have those days where we feel our waistline is a little fuller than we would like and our cats are much the same (even if they are still yelling at you for more food!). We have found that weight is something that a lot of owners worry about – whether it is that their cat is too thin or a little too plump. Meeting with our nurses to check on your cat’s weight is one of the best ways to find out if there is an issue and whether or not the routine you have at home is ideal for your cat’s needs. We can find out so much information through a few simple questions and guide you through making some minor changes that can make a major difference. Obesity in cats is a growing issue and can lead to further illnesses such as diabetes and arthritis. It can also affect your cat’s demeanour and leave them feeling depressed, much in the same way as a human. During a weight clinic, we can discuss so much more than just a number on a scale. Each and every cat is unique and so are their figures.

Diabetes Management (£40 for 40 minutes)

If your cat has been recently diagnosed with Diabetes, there can be quite a lot of new information that you need to take on board in a short period. Our Diabetes Management Clinics allow us to give you the time that you need to learn the important tools to this new way of caring for your cat. These clinics do not stop at just introducing you to these changes, but also are a valuable part of monitoring your management and the treatment progress. As cats have the ability to go into diabetic remission, making a plan and creating goals, like weight loss, can make a huge difference to managing diabetes and give us the chance to identify changes that may alter the way your cat receives treatment.

Renal Clinics (£40 for 40 minutes)

Chronic Kidney Disease is an illness that is quite common in cats and once diagnosed, will need monitoring for life. In the early stages, the changes made to help manage and prolong development of the disease can be as simple as a change in diet. In the later stages, medications and fluid therapy may be introduced to aid the function of the kidneys. Here at The London Cat Clinic, our nurses are here to help guide you and monitor your cat, to ensure that we are doing all that is necessary to ensure the best treatment plan possible once a diagnosis has been made. Monitoring parameters such as weight, blood pressure and taking blood samples periodically, are some of the few ways our nurses can assist you.

Hyperthyroid Clinics (£40 for 40 minutes)

Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland) is one of the conditions that an older cat can develop and is often characterised by an insatiable appetite and notable weight loss, despite your efforts to cater to your cat’s hunger! This condition is very treatable through a variety of methods. It is important that we keep a close eye on the progress of your friend, ensuring that they are happy and that they maintain a healthy weight and appetite. Seeing a nurse between your visits with the vet provides vital information on your cat’s health. Sometimes the smallest detail mentioned or noted by a nurse can signal a change that may need to be addressed before you see changes at home.

Arthritis Clinics (£25 for 20 minutes)

As we get older, we tend to slow down a little and just like in people, our cats can suffer from arthritis. However, cats being the secretive creatures that they are, will often hide the signs that they are feeling a little stiff or sore in their joints. It is more often than not that you will not notice that they are less mobile, perhaps they don’t climb as high as they used to or are a more hesitant to jump up on the couch with you, as often it is assumed they are just ‘getting a little older’. Arthritis can be quite painful and there is a lot we can do to ease this pain. Simple treatments like a medication, a small amount of weight loss or even acupuncture, can make the world of difference to your cat’s life. They become happier and more active and regular visits with one of our nurses can ensure we are still providing comfort and ease with your loved one’s mobility.

In addition to the above our nurses routinely perform post-operative checks, second vaccinations and continuing courses of injections.

Just need a little advice, but not sure you need to see the vet? A nurse consultation is a great opportunity to ask those questions that have been bothering you, in a private and comfortable space. Book you nurse consultation here