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We value all feedback and try our upmost to give each and every one of our patients and their carers a good experience. Below are a few of the comments that have been left about the clinic services and team.

Absolutely amazing - brought my cats Onyx & Nero here. The staff are so friendly and lovely! LOVE LOVE LOVE this place

The team at The London Cat Clinic are amazing!!!! They love their jobs, they love cats, they are totally inclusive and utterly professional. Dr Jeremy found things wrong with my furbies that other vets had missed and promptly put them right. I can't speak or praise the team more highly and would most certainly recommend them. Thank you for opening the clinic in Bermondsey!

Wonderful surgery. Staff very professional and welcoming. My cats were at ease immediately, they were given time to acclimatize to the environment as one cat was so nervous. End result was, if they could talk, they’d return ! Definitely was a good experience for the owners too! Thank you, we need more clinics like yourselves.

This is probably one of the best cat clinics in London. Very clean, modern and everyone there is so lovely.

We had our boy in for castration and only a few hours later he is playing, purring and eating. We were allowed to bring in his sister as well for support which it's so thoughtful and kind.

They definitely love cats and you can see it!

A big thank you from Brooke and Bailey ❤

Pucci is a Sphynx cat and since it's the first one in the family we wanted a vet whom we could trust.  Dr. Jeremy and his team always explain everything and give us options to choose, making us feel comfortable and involved in all aspects of his care. The facilities are modern, clean and smell good but our favourite part is that the space is specially built for cats, with a cubicle on the wall and some steps for them to climb. Everyone is very friendly in each consultation and all the other cat owners that we came across left the clinic with a smile on their face. We feel like Pucci is in great hands and we definitely recommend The London Cat Clinic. Thank you for being extraordinary Dr. Jeremy, Nurse Alice, Nurse Alex and lovely Tara.

Fantastic care. Friendly staff. Great vet !!!!

I want to try bullet points in this review as reviews are always so difficult to read and I just want you to see that this clinic is the best I have ever been to!
  • A lot of Love for the cats
  • great staff (Thank you especially to Alice and Tara)
  • best Doctor ever (H. loves you Dr. Jeremy)
  • so much time for explanations
  • got a hug from Dr. Jeremy before I left my cat for his treatment (2-3hrs of dental treatment) (Thank you again) 
  • could call without them being annoyed to give me information how it went
  • great information (a long chat) after treatment to understand everything 
  • very good information about medication I have to give him
  • was unsure when we came home, sent an email and got a very quick reply.

That's all I can think of at the moment, about the last treatment. We see Dr. Jeremy for regular acupuncture (yes acupuncture for cats)

  • great thing, helps so well (H. jumps and stretches as never before in the 3yrs after his hip-operation)
  • always welcome - always the same room - when we are early we do not need to wait in the waiting room but can already get comfortable in the consultation room
  • H. (our cat) is always very relaxed when he sees Dr. Jeremy
  • the treatment is always adapted to H.'s mood (shorter or longer) - never in a rush
  • Other: - great place - especially done/designed for cats - great staff, always friendly, always helpful - my cat is always relaxed, even when he had to stay for the treatment, not stressed at all when I picked him up

Well......I think I forgot half of what there is to say. If you have a cat and live in the area, go and see Dr. Jeremy and his Team. They are the best. Of course I was stressed to leave him there for the treatment but I knew all of them would look greatly after my cat.

Full Disclosure. I never trust online reviews. I’m naturally cynical and suspicious. If they’re too good I assume they’ve been written by a relative, partner or paid fake reviewer. Second Full Disclosure. I am reluctant to give referrals. Experience has taught me that the moment I wax too enthusiastically about a person, place or thing, inevitably they won’t live up to expectations and I will be riddled with guilt for having given the recommendation.
So here I am writing both a review about and giving a referral to The London Cat Clinic and its staff. And not just a review and a referral. A glowing…all out gushing, if you have a cat and live anywhere in London you’d be crazy to go to any other vet, review and referral. I came to them by chance and desperation. My older cat Boo (named after To Kill A Mockingbird’s Boo Radley) started developing a variety of illnesses. I hauled him to a multiple vet practice at least once a month for a year. He would get better for a few weeks, then sink again, and no one ever seemed to come up with a firm diagnosis; just “could be this/could be that”, “try this/try that”. I kept asking if they shouldn’t run more specific tests. They said it wasn’t necessary. My cat was unhappy too. He was so stressed that he would vomit in his carrier every single time going to and coming from the practice. He would run and hide from me when we got home, which he never did, and more times than I can count it would end in tears (mine) because I felt like I was torturing my cat by taking him to the vet. I had to do better by him.
I found The London Cat Clinic on Google by searching for the “best rated vet for cats in London”. They were the first to come up. The reviews were unfailingly five stars. Yeah, I was sceptical. ALL five stars? But I liked the fact that they were feline only (specialised expertise) and was impressed with vet and clinic owner Dr Jeremy Campbell’s CV and training (available on the website). I took a chance, made an appointment and dragged my cat, vomiting all the way, to another vet. I have had many cats in my life and known dozens of vets. Some have been good, some I’d say even great. Others have been bad.
But The London Cat Clinic is in a class all its own. I have never been to a vet like this. This is a superlative practice in every way. The facility itself is striking. Designed specifically for cats from the feline friendly exam rooms with little cubbies in the wall where your cat can curl up to the lovely kitty condos in the recovery room. No steel cages here. Somewhat sadly, it’s nicer than any NHS surgery I’ve ever been to! But as attractive as the clinic is, it’s the staff that makes this place exceptional. Dr Jeremy, Alice, the nurse, Tara, the receptionist, et al. are not just outstanding practitioners, they are clearly lovely people. All are unfailingly warm and welcoming to both feline and human. They are knowledgeable, caring, thorough and gentle. They treat cats and their pet parents with respect, sensitivity, compassion and great humour from the moment you walk in the door. They take their time with your animal and with you, going over all options, answering a myriad of questions with incredible patience. They treat your cat exactly as though it’s their own much beloved companion –the way you want your cat to be treated.
You would think such a state of the art facility and such a superb staff would cost much more than other vets. But they don’t. Their prices are ordinary vet prices, better than some even and they present you with treatment options where possible. My vet phobic cat is actually happy going to this practice. Because of his illness which Dr Jeremy diagnosed straightaway after just a few critical tests, we have had to go relatively often. But he never vomits in his carrier anymore. He doesn’t howl on the way in the car. Nor does he scramble and claw to get back into his carrier as he previously did every time a vet would try to exam him. Instead he happily explores the exam room and when Dr Jeremy or Alice come in, he gives them his patented silent meow hello, rubbing his whiskers on Dr Jeremy’s glasses every time to show his affection, or curls into their arms like they are the best of buddies.
So, this is my review and Boo’s. We both give 5+ stars with zero hesitation. And our referral. If you have a cat, Dr Jeremy is the vet you should be taking your most precious feline to for medical care. 100% you will rate this as one of the best referrals you’ve ever received.

This is a brilliant vets, and having been a cat owner for nearly 20 years, the service they offer that makes others look incredibly old fashioned! The facilities are brand new and they have a lot of fantastic kit on site. For example, my kitten needed an ultra sound which they did straight away. They are really happy for you to see 'behind the scenes' - everywhere is spotless and the staff are so kind. My little cat was quite unwell and I had 100% confidence they would look after her with as much love as I would myself. The team are brilliant and obviously really like cats. On top of all of this, its not expensive!!! 5 stars easily.

Our 4 month old kitten has just finished her initial vaccinations and is booked in for her spay and microchip. Couldn't recommend the team and the service they provide enough. Really beautiful premises, knowledge and caring staff and very reasonable prices. Dr Jeremy is superb! Excellent to have such a specialist service near to us!

We took our cats to get their annual health check yesterday - we loved it! We had usually taken them to a closer vet for us, but we were not that happy with their service. And when I found out about this clinic, I immediately went to check them out.

First, Tara showed gave me a tour and explained to me how the clinic works. She also explained to me that the clinic offers supplementary pet cover, where you can cover for the routine check appointments and more services, which aren't usually covered by any pet insurance. I decided to go ahead and book and appointment with them, as it looked worth a try.

We saw Dr. Jeremy yesterday, and he was very thorough with his consultation for both cats, checking every single corner of them, and listened to our concerns. He answered to our questions, provided good information and sent us an email with all the information we needed, and what we had discussed. I also appreciated that for little niggles that you are not able to reproduce during consultation (like cat having occasional respiratory issues), Dr. Jeremy suggested to take a few videos when this happened, and to send them over for him to analyze. In my previous experiences with other vets, I had mentioned this in the past, and none has shown this type of interest to understand what's really happening.

It was our first consultation with this clinic, but certainly left with a feeling that they are in good hands. Keep up the great service!

This is the best vet I've been to in South London

Jackie & Becs

Jackie Liddell first met Jeremy Campbell when her cat was referred to him when he was working at her general veterinary practice. Her beloved cat Becs was very ill and needed a scan. Disabled and housebound for the majority of the time, Becs is Jackie’s constant companion and it was a very worrying time. She remembers

“We first met Jeremy in October 2015 and I can honestly say if it wasn’t for him Becs would not be here. We were referred from our general vet because Becs had lost so much weight and he was dangerously thin. Jeremy was so calm, immediately putting us both at ease, handling Becs so gently they struck up an instant rapport.”

Becs was diagnosed with diabetes, pancreatitis and pancreatic abscessation and a thickened bowel. With such a complex diagnosis, Jackie says she would have been overwhelmed had it not been for Jeremy’s helpful ideas and careful explanation of the treatments available. She continues

“Jeremy provides a complete holistic approach to the care he offers. He clearly sets out the treatment options and costs, as well as taking time to explain which foods will help recovery. This was very important for Becs. He also taught me how to administer insulin, give Becs’ medication and carry out blood tests at home so I can manage his diabetes myself.”

Now over a year on from his first treatment, Becs is happy and healthy and has doubled his weight. As a family they have been away to a pet friendly hotel in Cornwall, where Becs amused the other guests in the hotel bar! He positively enjoys his trips to see Jeremy, and Jackie laughs when she talks about how Becs sits on Jeremy’s lap enjoying a cuddle during his consultations and has even been known to follow him around the practice.

“He genuinely cares about his patients and is interested in their progress, emailing me to check on Becs. The aftercare we have received is second to none. Not only is he interested in how Becs is doing, he always takes to time to make sure I am coping with the treatment regime at home. I always feel supported and know that I can email Jeremy if I need him.”

Jackie has joined The London Cat Clinic during our first week. She and Becs paid us a visit and are excited about the new facilities on offer.

“I think a cat only clinic is a good idea. Focusing on one species means the vet will really understand the problems facing my cat and be able to give a detailed examination. They will also be on top of the latest medical developments so I can be confident I’m getting the best possible care. I know from when Becs was so ill how important it was that he was not stressed when he visited the vets. With The London Cat Clinic he won’t smell any other animals that could upset him. The idea of being able to have the majority our treatment in one place without having to go elsewhere is also very appealing. I wholeheartedly recommend Jeremy, he really does have a special way with cats. Becs and I were amazed  to see his new clinic.”