What To Expect When You Arrive

What to expect at the practice

Our staff are all cat lovers and we like nothing more than to talk about our cats. Talking is important to us.  We want you to feel that you have enough time to tell us everything that is on your mind.  That is why The London Cat Clinic offer 20 minute-long consultations. This is significantly longer than many veterinary practices.  We feel this gives us all time to relax, lets the patient make their own way out of their box and have a look around whilst we talk about the reasons for your visit. It then allows for a comprehensive and unhurried physical examination. 

For new clients, we offer a first consultation of 30 minutes at no additional cost. We know that this extended consultation time, which is up to 3 times longer than normal vet practices, will give us a fantastic opportunity to get to know you and your cat. Importantly, it also allows you time to really get to know us so we can all work together for your cat's nine lives and counting. This excludes second opinions and referrals.

If you have concerns about transporting your cat, please call us beforehand or visit here for helpful tips. We have Feliway, a calming pheromone, diffusing throughout the clinic to help reduce your cat’s post-journey anxiety.

When you arrive at the clinic, our friendly Reception Team will welcome you, take your details and let the vet know you have arrived. It saves time if you have registered your cat before coming to the clinic. We do try hard to keep to our appointment times but sometimes cats, being who they are, don’t want to follow that plan. Please let us know if you are in a hurry or are getting concerned about the time. Whilst you are waiting for your appointment, grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee or a glass of water.  

Our seating is arranged so your cat will be off the floor to give them more privacy from other patients. We all know our cats like to be up high, looking down on others. We also have cage covers available if you would like to give your precious cargo a little bit more protection from potentially prying eyes. But rest assured, there will be no prying eyes or barking from dogs - as much as we love them they have to remain on the other side of the door!