Feline Fine Health Care Plans

Feline Fine Health Care Plan

At The London Cat Clinic, we believe in a proactive, preventive approach to your feline friend’s healthcare. From kittenhood to adulthood and throughout their senior years, our goal is to ensure that your cat remains happy and healthy. This is why we have developed the Feline Fine Health Care Plan—an accessible and affordable way to receive preventative care by spreading the costs of products and services over a year.

What the Plan Includes  

The Feline Fine Health Care Plan covers all vaccinations and year-round parasite control appropriate to your cat's lifestyle, conveniently delivered to your door. Additionally, two health assessments per year are included. These check-ups help us identify potential health issues early, allowing timely interventions to ensure your cat enjoys a long, comfortable life.    

Additional Benefits  

Our Feline Fine Health Care Plan represents the gold standard of care we provide and offers significant in-clinic discounts on a wide range of procedures and services, helping you when your cat needs us most. For example, an ultrasound procedure costing £1,200 receives a 10% discount, reducing the cost by £120. This saving alone can cover four payments of the Health Plan.

Important Note: The Feline Fine Health Care Plan is not pet insurance. Our plan covers your cat’s yearly maintenance needs—such as vaccinations, flea, worm, and parasite treatments, health checks, and advice—through an easy monthly payment plan. Pet insurance is recommended for emergency costs outside of the plan.

How to Join  

If you are currently registered, please click here to join online. New clients can complete the registration form, which will automatically sign you up for the health plan. You will receive a welcome letter containing your full agreement details. You have 14 days to cancel should you choose to.

Membership to the plan is a mandatory requirement to register with our clinic.

Contact Us

Reach out to the clinic to find out more about the Feline Fine Health Care Plan: 0203 740 1112

Please note: Early cancellation of the plan requires payment of the remaining balance for the year.