Our Team

Dr Anna Minoli

Born and raised in Northern Italy, I surrounded myself with animals from an early age and soon moved on from bandaging teddy bears to graduating in veterinary medicine at the University of Turin. Moving to the UK in 2007 I have spent the last ten years as a GP vet in South London.

I absolutely love general practice, the continuity it provides and the privilege of almost becoming a part of the pets’ family. And while I like to think that most of my canine patients like me, it’s the cats and their people that I always clicked with the most.
Unfortunately for our feline friends it’s often difficult to really meet their needs in an environment shared with other animals, so when I first heard about TLCC I thought that would be the perfect job for me! Cats deserve the best possible care and there is no better place for that than TLCC, where everybody is hugely passionate and the facilities are outstanding.

Outside work, my partner and I are bossed around by two cats (Blindy and Big G) and Snow the husky (all rescues, all white and fluffy) in a South London flat that always needs hoovering. I have a passion for yoga, volunteering, and when I have time, vegan baking… eating it more than making it.