Our Team

Maria Toner
Veterinary Nurse

When, in 2001, I moved to London from Liverpool go to university, I found myself for the first in my life without a cat. I had great moments in these four cat-less years – but somehow, something felt amiss.

Four years later, when my soon-to-be husband asked me to move in with him, I explained in no ambiguous terms that I was a whole package. We adopted our first cat, Tammy, an old lady who sadly did not stay with us very long. Since then, we have always had cats – and we took them with us when we moved to Singapore in 2009.

Singapore is where I started working in animal care. When we came back in the UK in 2010, I took a position as a veterinary nursing assistant at a charity hospital. This was an incredibly formative experience which, despite the hard work and long hours, reaffirmed my passion for animal care.
In 2014 I undertook a degree in Veterinary Nursing. I qualified as a Bachelor of Science in 2017 with, cherry on the cake, a First!

Today, of all places, I live in Catford! Our two cats – sister and brother Jack and Zack – are entering their fourteenth year. Despite heath concerns – diabetes, joint pains – they are still going strong. In my free time I enjoy fostering more cats. My husband complains that I have turned our house into my work place. He is not entirely wrong.

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