Our Team

Laura Miller
Deputy Head Nurse

My Veterinary Nursing journey began in 2010 where I studied at the Royal Veterinary College and graduated with a Foundation Degree in Veterinary Nursing in 2014. During my student placements, I met so many brilliant nurses, and they inspired and instilled in me, a drive to continually develop and hone my skills. In 2018, I completed the Vets Now City and Guilds Level 4 Certificate in Emergency and Critical Care.

Cats have played an integral part in my life since early childhood. I grew up with cats, starting with Daisy, who was always a loyal and loving part of our family. Her favourite thing to do was silently creep along the back of the sofa, onto your shoulders, and down into your lap. I, in particular, was putty in her paws. All she wanted, was to be as close as possible to us, so I couldn't say no to a cuddle, even if that meant her sleeping on my face!

Since Daisy, although many cats have come into my family's lives, each feline friend has been completely unique, with their own quirks and each cat holds a special place in my heart. Which is why, I enjoy work at The London Cat Clinic, where we all share the same values and do our best for our patients.

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