Our Team

Danielle Golds
"My love for all feline companions stems from my own two cats, Timon and Pumba, who have been my inspirations right from the start. I have known since I was very young that I always wanted to work in a veterinary clinic so this job is purrfect for me!
I am currently studying veterinary medicine at the Royal Veterinary College. Whilst this degree can be challenging, I look forward to the prospects of being a veterinary surgeon one day, with the aim of specialising in feline medicine once my degree is complete. 
I try to be as active as possible to balance out my student life, and so I participate in ice skating, scuba diving and football within my university societies. If I'm not revising then you'll find me at the gym or appreciating nature on a nice long walk. After living near Brighton my whole life, a move to London was a big shock, but each day I discover somewhere new and exciting. 
Every week I look forward to seeing our wonderful clients and their loving companions, with each encounter reminding me that I have found the perfect place to work”