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Antonella Picasso
Veterinary Nurse
During my first year of university, I got my beautiful Persian cat named Alfie. He showed me a hidden passion that I was not aware of....CATS!  Since then, I dreamed of working in a feline-only practice.

I was born in Peru and moved to Spain when I was 16 years old. Since I was a little girl, my parents taught me to treasure and value animals. I came to the UK to pursue one of my major life goals, studying at the Royal Veterinary College and becoming a registered veterinary nurse. 

Studying in a different language was very challenging for me, trying to remember all the different terminology and pronunciations was by no means  easy, however I managed to overcome this barrier. To be in the top 10 of my cohort, obtaining a distinction in my veterinary nursing degree as a result of many hours of hard work, perseverance and dedication makes me very proud. I am eager to learn more, so this October I will start my foundation diploma Iin feline medicine provided by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM).  One of my professional aspirations is to specialise in internal medicine. My main areas of interest include; feline endocrinology, diagnostic imaging, dermatology and feline behaviour. 

Being a newly qualified nurse can be daunting, however I am so thankful  be able to grow and further develop my skills as a member of the amazing TLCC family! 
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