Meet Lovely Lola, she is a 7-month-old British Shorthair kitten. Her story began when she was 4 months old, she had an episode of suddenly stopping to eat and started frothing from the month for just a minute.

She came in to see Dr Catarina initially, we assessed her and did not find any abnormalities. We concluded she had not ingested anything toxic and decided to monitor her and review her in 12 hours’ time.  Thankfully she started eating again and seemed all better. Unfortunately, this did not last all that long.

Two months later she started frothing at the mouth again in brief episodes and this time she was also twitching and seemed to hiss at an invisible threat. These episodes (partial seizures) didn't last long at all but did get more frequent over time, sometimes multiple times per day. We did start diagnostic tests to look for underlying problems like infections or metabolic abnormalities and monitored her for a day on anti-seizure medication to see if we could control them.

She stayed seizure free for a week but then they got worse again, this time with almost having one seizure per hour. At this point, the diagnostic tests had come back normal and we organised an emergency referral to the Royal Veterinary College for an MRI scan (brain imaging) to rule out any structural abnormalities of her central nervous system. The scan results showed a normal brain and Lola was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy which means that no underlying cause is found. She was started on additional medication to better control her seizures.

We are happy to say that Lola now has been seizure free for 4 weeks and is going strong.

Continue the good fight Lola :)