Covid 19 - Information Updated 2nd April

Updated 2nd April 2020


Dear TLCC Family,


The following information and guidelines have been produced by the Animal and Plant Health Agency

  • There is no evidence of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) circulating in cats or other animals in the UK. There is nothing to suggest pets may transmit the disease to humans.  
  • Pets could be a carrier (fomite) of the virus on their fur for short periods of time, just as other surfaces can carry the virus from one place to another 
  • In line with the general advice on COVID-19, you should wash your hands regularly including before and after you come into contact with you cats. 


To take this situation in to account can we please ask the following of you:


If your household has confirmed or suspected COVID-19 could you please make contact with the practice first and alert us to your status so we can give the appropriate advice and preparations. In a number of scenarios we are able to provide telephone advice or a video consultation and can arrange for medications to be posted to you directly.


If your cat does need to come into the clinic, he or she should not be accompanied by any member of a household who is remaining at home due to a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection. You should arrange for them to be brought to the surgery on your behalf by a friend, neighbour or family member from an unaffected household. The handler should wash their hands before and after handling the pet.


On arrival at the practice please stay in your car or outside the practice as discussed below and call the clinic so we can let you in at the appropriate time. We will be wearing disposable gloves and aprons for this examination and will clean the outside of the carrier with disinfectant wipes. We don't want to scare your cat (or you) and will mange our PPE on a case-by-case basis


If you are leaving your cat with us we would ask you to take your carrier back home with you.


If you have any concerns at all about whether your cat should be seen or what to do please call us we are here to help you and look after you as well.


Kind Regards and Keep Safe,


Dr Jeremy Campbell and The London Cat Clinic Team

Updated 23 March 2020


Dear TLCC Family,


Given the escalation of the Government’s plans to contain the exponential spread of the COVID19 pandemic, the reductions in the London transport network and increased restrictions, we are making further changes to our operations to decrease unnecessary interactions and protect the health and wellbeing of our clients and team.


At The London Cat Clinic, we remain committed to doing everything we possibly can to care for your pets and to reduce the stress if your feline friends need us, particularly for emergencies or urgent care. We have been overwhelmed with your kind messages of support and willingness to help those most vulnerable in our society and those who are having to self-isolate. We are grateful we can rely on you.


To those clients who are vulnerable or affected by the virus, please do contact us and we will do what we can to get ongoing medication to you, to provide you with advice over the phone or by video and to get your cat to us if it needs urgent care.


With immediate effect, please note the following:


  • We will be postponing all non-urgent appointments. If you are unsure, please call the clinic and the nurses can triage your case and make a risk assessment.


  • Please do not arrive too early for your appointment to avoid clients waiting in reception and, weather permitting, wait outside the practice until your appointment time or for your taxis on leaving. If you are waiting outside, please leave a 2m distance between yourself and the front door any other clients that might be waiting


  • If you do drive to the practice, please call the clinic when you have arrived, and we can collect you and your cat from the car when the waiting room is empty.


  • The number of carers that accompany your cats or to collect medication is strictly limited to just one person unless there are extreme or extenuating circumstances, or you need assistance.


  • On entering and leaving the practice, please use the hand sanitiser


  • To the extent possible, we ask you to maintain as much distance between yourself and your veterinary team by standing away from the reception desk and in the corners of the consult room.


  • Kindly pay by card if you can to reduce the amount of cash that we handle.


With effect from 30 March, we will be taking the following actions:


  • Our opening hours will temporarily reduce. We will be between 9am and 6pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. On Thursday, we will be open between 10am and 8pm. On Saturday, we will continue to be open 9am to 5pm. We will continue to space out our consultations to reduce the number of people in the clinic at any one time.


  • To support our key workers, appointments between 6pm-8pm on Thursday will be prioritised for these clients and we ask for your support in not booking these slots unless you are a key worker.


  • We will be splitting our teams to work on alternate days to reduce the amount of contact with colleagues and clients. There will still be a vet and one nurse covering every shift so we can continue with the most pressing consultations and procedures. Our reception team will guide you on what procedures we will prioritise on a risk assessed basis. 


  • We continue with the protocols that we advised you of last week, including refraining from shaking hands, using viricidal sprays as a matter of course as part of our normal stringent hygiene measures, increasing the frequency of our cleaning protocols, offering telephone or video consultations with our vets or nurses, posting out routine medicines or prescriptions and waiving the hospitalisation fee if you want to use our drop off-service.


  • You may get automated reminders from us in the short-term for routine appointments – as these are system generated, please don’t worry and call us if you have any questions about your appointments.


  • If you any questions or concerns about these arrangements or about your cat's health and well-being, please don't hesitate to let us know.


We realise these changes mean you might have to wait longer for an appointment and scheduled surgeries may need to be re-booked but we hope you understand. We are trying to be pragmatic so we can offer you the level of care you expect from The London Cat Clinic with sufficient flexibility where feasible and whilst making the health and wellbeing of our patients, team members and clients our joint priority.


Kindest Regards and Keep Safe,


Dr Jeremy & the TLCC team


Updated 13 March 2020

Dear TLCC Family,


We take your health as well as your cat's seriously and we are supporting public efforts to limit social contact in order to slow down the exponential spread of the COVID19 pandemic and protect vulnerable members of our community.


The first thing to say is that it is 'business as usual' at The London Cat Clinic and we look forward to welcoming you and your cats for routine and non-routine appointments. We have also made some pragmatic changes to our operations to help maintain our 'gold standard' service, to offer greater flexibility and to reflect changing circumstances. These are detailed below, and we will use this News section of our website to keep you updated of any other changes.


* We want to continue to greet you in our normal way with a handshake or a hug but in this current situation that isn't appropriate. We are still happy to see you, but we will refrain from shaking your hands etc. This is to protect not only you and our staff but also other clients and their families.


* In order to keep the number of people in the clinic to a minimum at any given time, please limit the number of carers that accompany your cat to the clinic (ideally just one person) and leave children, elderly and potentially immunocompromised individuals at home.


* We are changing our consultation schedule to leave significantly larger gaps between appointments. This will allow us to see you all but reducing the potential for crowding in public areas and to accommodate an enhanced cleaning routine.


* We have made hand-sanitizer available upon entering and leaving The London Cat Clinic and our consult rooms, including door handles, are wiped between consults. We use viricidal sprays as a matter of course as part of our normal stringent hygiene measures and have increased the frequency of our cleaning protocols.


* If you are currently self-isolating or have been instructed to self-isolate by the authorities but are concerned about your cat, please do contact us via phone or email.


* We are offering telephone- and video-consultations with vets or nurses for our registered clients at a reduced fee. These cannot be booked online so please contact the Practice directly to make an appointment.


* We are happy to post medications or send written prescriptions (excluding scheduled drugs) if you cannot or prefer not to come in to collect medication. We do need three days’ notice in routine cases.


* We have a drop-off service available for those who cannot or prefer not to come in for a direct consultation. We have waived the hospitalisation fee associated with these cases to encourage utilisation and stagger the number of people in the practice.


* There is a lot of information online about pets and coronavirus - which can be very confusing. Pets have always had their own coronavirus diseases. Based on current data, the human COVID19 cannot infect cats or dogs and neither can our pets transmit the disease to other people.


If you any questions or concerns about these arrangements or about your cat's health and well-being, please don't hesitate to let us know.